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21 Nov

Trending Upward:

The Walking Dead 

I would be the first to admit that this show was treading water for the first few weeks with the “find Sophia” plot line that never seems to end but with one week to go before our mid-season break, it has finally found its stride.  Last nights episode found some strong character development and some drama that was actually entertaining.  It wasn’t another find Sophia plot line and we finally got to see some of the other character growth that I have been waiting for.  Glenn is such a likable guy, it is nice to see him getting some more face time and finally see Dale grow a bit.  I would still like to see more happen from episode to episode because we were plodding along for so many episodes there but The “farm” days are coming to a head with next weeks episode.

American Dad

I really, really disliked this show when it first came out.  Over the last month I have caught a few reruns on Adult Swim and found myself hooked.  I dug into my Netflix a bit and found that the show started taking shape in about the 3rd season so I decided to watch the most current season from week to week.  Last nights episode was quite funny but I would never have come to enjoy this show if I didn’t come to embrace Roger and Stan for the odd ball’s that they are.  They drive this show and I am glad that I gave it another chance.


Trending Down:

South Park

From week to week you never have a clue what you will get from the South Park boys, but I have found that more times than not it has been below average.  From the first half of the season I enjoyed “Humancentipad” and “Royal Pudding” but not since the Season 14 finale “Creme Fraiche” have I laughed out loud in the way that South Park used to make me laugh.  The most recent episode was far better than the really bad “A History Channel Thanksgiving” but is nowhere near up to par with their good stuff.


After a great debut episode and a solid second episode, this show has reverted to the “hey look we are a pay cable channel show” attitude with lots of useless nudity and a plot line that is crawling at this point.  Kelsey Grammer is the only thing carrying this show from week to week as it is struggling to intrigue.  I am not quite sure if it is too many working parts in too many different plot lines or the slow movement of the central plot that is slowing down the show.  It is pretty disappointing considering how much potential the show had, I hope it can turn things around.