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Television: Thoughts from the weekend

30 Oct
  • The Walking Dead needs to go somewhere soon or I am checking out.  We are spending too much time doing……well…….nothing.  This has been a season of absolutely nothing and has me screaming at the screen to just kill the damn kids already.  How many episodes are we going to spend looking for Sophia?  Did they cut the budget so much that they could only afford two main shooting locations for the season?  There is some average acting and  in my opinion, they are straying too far from the great source material.  Maybe I will just stick to the comics.
  • Boss, the Starz original series is easily the best show to watch this fall.  It has been funny, well scripted and great acting by Kelsey Grammer.  They have had several curveballs so far and we are only two episodes in.  Is anyone out there watching this show?  What do you think?  Great political plot lines and it reminds me in some ways of another solid show The Wire.
  • The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors was decent this year but I felt the last “Avitar” segment was fairly weak.  I am not a Simpsons watcher any more but I always tune into this Halloween special every year because it has remained funny.  The “Diving Bell and The Butterfly” segment gave me some laughs, especially the spiderman segment.  This is the Simpsons that I miss, but I think those days are long gone.

Shows that belong on the cutting block:

Pan Am – Wow this show is really, really bad.  The acting is laughable and do they seriously have a CIA subplot in a show about airline stewardesses?  The dialog between the pilots is some of the worst that I have seen in some time.

The Cleveland Show – What is the appeal of this show exactly?  Is television that bad on Sunday’s that this show survives year after year?  Every year I watch 2 or so episodes and every year I wonder why it is still on.

Marriage Under Construction – This show suffers from poor editing, annoying voice overs and really bad scripting.  Yes, I know it is a “reality” show but it is pretty transparent with its scripting.  I love the DIY network but this show has to go.