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Going Quiet

11 Dec

After the completion of my “Top Records of The 2000’s” list, In Place Of Real Insight will be going quiet for the forseable future.

I started the blog so I could write about some stuff that I wasn’t able to at my original Blog  FOH.  I was hoping for more reader interaction and a good open forum for discussion about different things but never got that.  People were reading but not interacting, which was a let down but I am not going to make excuses or whine about it.  It is what it is.

I am going to refocus my time back on FOH and try to build it back up to what it used to be.  It was a moment of pride to know at one point that we had 22,000 readers per month and I would love to have that again.  Please feel free to follow my work over there (i write under the name Cal Meacham) and maybe some day I will bring this blog back.



Real Estate – Days

11 Oct

With the new Real Estate full length “Days” due out next Tuesday I have been overloading myself on their tunes.  Their hazy, uber chill, ear candy pop tunes will be caught in your head for months.  While I have had a promo copy of “Day’s” for a few weeks now, I can’t seem to get enough.  So for those of you not fortunate enough to have your hands on a promo copy there are some great places to get a fix until next week.

The obvious place to start is with the first released single “It’s Real”.  This tune has already cemented itself in my year end top 10:


The first place that I heard the new tunes was a great recorded show that NYCTaper did back in May.  It features 7 of the 10 new tracks and is a great recording – Link

Lastly, Insound has a studio session with 3 video tracks including “It’s Real”, “Green Aisles” and “Municipality”.  Great stuff! – Link

My standout tracks so far:

  • Easy
  • It’s Real
  • Kinder Blumen
  • Municipality
You can pick the album up from Domino Records – Link

The Week Ahead

5 Jun

The weeks are getting to be just as busy as the weekends, but I can’t complain about that.  Here is a quick snapshot of some of the things I am looking forward to this coming week:

  • Bobby Fischer Against The World will air on HBO and looks to be a great/insightful biopic.  Most of you know that Bobby Fischer was a master chess player but a lot of the younger generation don’t realize how he was also a crazy recluse.  Get your DVR cued up – Link
  • The worst movie that I have ever seen Zardoz will be playing for free on Wednesday at the Enzian theater here in Orlando.  The movie will be shown on a big screen outdoors and there are beer specials to be had.  Yes this movie sucks a lot and has Sean Connery running around in knee high boots but it will be worth a laugh with some friends. – Link
  • My new summer/beach shoes should be here and they will be just in time for trips to Cocoa Beach.  A good pair of blue slip on Toms will be mine shortly. – Link
  • Sony finally rolled out their “Welcome Back” program for the PS3 and I have two new games freshly downloaded so I hope to be spending some time with Infamous and Little Big Planet.  I think two free highly rated games is a little beyond generous from Sony considering their online service was a free one.

It’s The Weekend

3 Jun

Another busy work week behind me and it is time for me start budgeting my weekend hours.  With a full slate of activities that I would love to partake in, I figured I would list out some of the highlights if you are looking for something to do.

  • Vanderbilt baseball hosts and plays in their Regional play in which marks the start of NCAA tournament baseball.  I will be glued to the computer for at least part of Friday’s game against Belmont and will hopefully catch some of tomorrows game.  The official Vanderbilt site will be streaming all of the games for free at their site.  Go Dores! – Link
  • Saturday brings game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals and if it is anywhere close to game one, it is going to be a hell of a game.  Great goaltending and stars all over the ice.
  • Midnight In Paris (aka Woody Allen’s new movie) finally hits screens here in Orlando.  I am getting really behind in my summer movie viewing, but I am a big Woody Allen fan and I need to see this movie if I have any shred of self respect.  For those of you on the fence, it has a 92% on Rottentomatoes…….which is shocking for a Woody Allen film – Link
  • X-Men First Class was released today and I can’t say that I have been too thrilled by the previews but the reviews are giving me loft expectations.  One of the movie blogs that I read on a daily basis had really good things to say about it – Link  As of the writing of this, it was pulling a solid 87% on Rottentomatoes – Link
  • Sunday Night brings the 8th episode of HBO’s excellent Game Of Thrones.  This show gets better and better by the week and is easily one of the best shows currently on television.  Damn I hate you Joffrey!!!!!!!!! Hell, I even picked up the book to read after I am finished watching season one.  If you haven’t started watching, it is time for you to start catching up because you are missing out. – Link

Still Walking Criterion Collection

9 Dec

One of my favorite films of the last 5 years “Still Walking” is finally getting the Criterion treatment and that makes me pretty excited.  This film reminds me of the similarly brilliant “A Christmas Tale” because they are both family reunion/family struggle films.  This isn’t a Noah Baumbach type of struggle, more of a real life situation struggle without the inane conversations.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Noah Baumbach but he seems to separate his characters a little from reality (at least from the people that I can relate to) so I tend to enjoy a film like this film a little more because it seems more “real”.  “Still Walking” and “Tokyo Sonata” are required viewing for any lovers of Japanese cinema.


You’ll Spend The Fall, Walking

3 Nov

Fall is in full swing now and this is the time of year that I miss Michigan the most.  The apple orchards with their “just bottled” apple cider and fresh baked doughnuts.  The sidewalks littered with fallen leaves that crunch with each step that I make.   The weather just cold enough for a jacket and long sleeves, but not too cold for a nice walk.  The air clean and crisp with the smell of leaves and pine quivering, knowing that winter is on its way.  It is a great time for romance because the stage is already set; you just have to write the play.

In high school fall meant the Friday night football and dance.  A time where you take innocence for granted, waiting every week for that Friday to come.  Wondering “is this the week where I finally ask that girl to dance” and “if I don’t, there is that agonizing week ahead before I have my chance again”.  I could stumble over my own words and get right back up.  Once again the stage was set; you just had to write the play.

In college I took the fall evenings to take nice walks with a significant other (or someone who I wanted to be my significant other) to utilize the moon light and slight chill to let my guard down.  Somehow it felt that in that setting, I could say no wrong or do no wrong.   Life with all of its complexities seemed very manageable in these moments.  My words seem to have more meaning and I knew that if she was holding my hand, that I was doing something right.  The stage was set.

Now that I am thirty, I feel more vulnerable and less confident with the moon light because my words have more weight.  I no longer have the ability to hide in the shadows of the trees or capture the leaves before they all fall to the ground.  I have to be 100% confident that my words won’t be misunderstood, misinterpreted, blown up into 1,000 bright lights that ruin the darkness.  No longer can my words straddle fences, they have to be yes or no, do or don’t, love or don’t love.  Gone are the moments of letting my words run free as I enjoy every moment of loving and learning.  The stage is set; it is just harder to write the play.

Would You Really Rush Out, For Me Now?

2 Nov

I don’t want to make this a total music blog, but it is sometimes a lot easier for me to convey a mood through a particular song that I have stuck in my head.

This is a beautiful rendition of a great Bon Iver song “Blindsided”.  The crisp guitar tones with his vocal delivery that melts even the strongest person down to nothing.  Make sure you make it through the whole tune because it is amazing.