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Set Your DVR

20 Nov

Tonight, PBS will be showing part 1 of their 2 part, three and a half hour documentary on one of my favorite all time directors, Woody Allen.  As part of their “American Masters” series this film promises to cover all aspects of the master writer, director and actor that is Woody.

From the PBS site: “This is the Woody doc everybody has been waiting for, and I am delighted that this creative giant is finally assuming his rightful place in the American Masters library,” says Susan Lacy, series creator and executive producer of American Masters.

American Masters – Woody Allen: A Documentary chronicles the trajectory and longevity of Allen’s career: from his work in the 1950s-60s as a TV scribe for Sid Caesar, standup comedian and frequent TV talk show guest, to a writer-director averaging one film-per-year for more than 40 years.

You can read more here – Link

Woody Allen: A Documentary premieres nationally Sunday, November 20 from 9-11 p.m. (ET/PT) and Monday, November 21 from 9-10:30 p.m. (ET/PT) on PBS (check local listings) as part of the 25th anniversary season of American Masters.


Shabazz Palaces – Bop Hard

15 Sep

If you haven’t heard the new Shabazz Palaces track “Bop Hard” you are missing out.  They rolled out this track in June on their KEXP performance and it is pretty damn slick.

Full Set list:

  • Bop Hard
  • An Echo From The Hosts That Profess Infinitum
  • A Mess, The Booth Soaks In Palacian Musk…
  • Free Press And Curl

Make sure you check out the full performance as well – Link

Discovery of the day: Tilt Shift

17 Aug

I was tooling around the internet a bit today and found a few things that warranted more research.  The subject that had me buzzing all over the internet with various searches was Tilt shift photography.

From wikipedia: ‘”Tilt Shift photography refers to the use of camera movements on small- and medium-format cameras, and sometimes specifically refers to the use of tilt for selective focus, often for simulating a miniature scene. Sometimes the term is used when the shallow depth of field is simulated with digital postprocessing; the name may derive from the tilt-shift lens normally required when the effect is produced optically.”

The typical lens looks like this: 

While I think the novelty of using this particular lens would wear off fairly quickly, some of the images that people have been able to create are pretty amazing.

See more pics here – Link